Database of RF Safety Sheets

Database logs User's agreement to follow site-specific RF exposure mitigation requirements

Based on User's Current Location

Compliance scenario involving an RF safety plan, useful signage and training

To meet the safety demands of both the public and private sectors, RF Safety Compliance ("RFSC") maintains a database of current RF Safety Sheets which can be accessed by property owners, local governments and field technicians to obtain current RF Safety Sheets for specific locations, such as towers, buildings, utility poles, communication cable, etc., which host cell sites and other transmitting antennas. The Sheets identify RF Restricted Areas at the site where persons can be exposed to RF fields above FCC limits, and the procedures needed to access the Areas. In addition to protecting workers, the Sheets provide information which enables workers to be in "control of (their) RF exposure" as required by FCC to qualify for higher Occupational RF limits. The Sheets also document the site's RF Safety Program required for FCC compliance, and both property owner and technician employer "due diligence" in protecting persons from excess RF exposures.

To ensure easy access and the proper flow of safety information, RFSC is committed to answer any questions regarding access to site-specific RF safety information.