Audit Reports

Sprint Site Audits for Cox Communications

RF site audits were completed February 26-28, 2010 to address the concerns of Cox technicians working on utility poles throughout San Diego, CA. 14 sites were visited and given a level of risk. Furthermore, formal reports have been completed to assess the current RF Safety Programs at 3 of the 14 sites.

Risk Classifications

High Hazard

  1. 521 Rancho Santa Fe Rd, Encinitas, CA
  2. 1650 Monte Vista Dr., Vista, CA
  3. 1301 Gopher Canyon Rd., Vista CA
  4. 1529 Cloverdale Rd., Escondido, CA

Medium Hazard

  1. 1151 Lomas Sante Fe, Del Mar, CA
  2. 3303 La Mirada Dr., San Marcos, CA
  3. 588A Estrelita, Vista, CA
  4. 2356 Catalina Ave., Vista, CA

Low Hazard

  1. 1634 Sunset Dr., Vista, CA
  2. 2288 Cambridge Ave., Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA
  3. 1913 Encinitas Rd., Encinitas, CA
  4. 4050 Gopher Canyon Rd., Vista, CA
  5. 989 Deer Springs Rd., Vista, CA
  6. 856 Mar Vista, Vista, CA

Completed Reports